Xinjiang delegation visit Oxford

  The CTI and the Nuffield Department of Medicine jointly hosted two successful visits from the Xinjiang Tumor Hospital, aimed at building on collaborative agreements, and strengthening ties between the two institutions to jointly run the research space at the Xinjiang Tumour Hospital. The vice president of the Xinjiang Medical University Professors Geng visited the University of Oxford in December 2014, together with the President of Xinjiang Tumour hospital, Professor Wang.

Xinjiang Visit December 2014
Dr Wang, Professor Tao Dong, Professor Wang, Professor Geng, Professor Peter Radcliffe and Mr Darren Nash (December 2014)

This was followed in July 2015 by a visit from Party secretary Professor Zhao from the Xinjiang Medical University.  The visitors to Oxford enjoyed a traditional college dinner at Corpus Christi College, continuing their conversations with their Oxford colleagues in the historic surroundings of the 16th century College.

Xinjiang Visit July 2015